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Bachelder's Garage

Bachelder’s garage operated in the heart of Georgeville. Located next to the current Studio Georgeville building, the garage serviced the village for many decades during the 1900s.

The garage’s origins date back to 1925 when Howard Bachelder started his business on the Magoon Point Road, in the southern sector of the community. Two years following his marriage to Georgia Packard, Howard rented the former United Church parsonage, known as the ‘Marsh House’.

Shortly thereafter, in 1927, he found a more central and permanent location for his garage when he acquired the Albert Bullock house on what is now Carré Copp. The building was retained as a residence and a garage built in the space between it and the adjoining store. The following spring, gas pumps were added which gave the operation the full appearance of a service station. From the beginning, the garage sported the Shell brand of gasoline and oil related products.

As the years passed, Howard eventually became less able to manage the operation. His son Emerson subsequently took over and eventually owned and managed the garage.

Howard died in 1974 and shortly thereafter Emerson faced his own health challenges, forcing the sale of the garage in 1985. Its sale and subsequent closure marked the end of 70 years of service provided by the Bachelder family to the population of Georgeville. The long run of the operation is evidence to the friendly disposition and natural mechanical abilities of both father and son.